A digital step forward of the Autotrans Group – printing tickets becomes history

A digital step forward of the Autotrans Group – printing tickets becomes history

Rijeka, 24 August 2016 - Great news for all those who travel by bus and buy tickets online - the Autotrans Group inaugurated the improved online booking system for the sales of bus tickets which will maximally simplify the online purchase process and will eliminate ticket printing, thus making a step forward in the improvement of the user experience.

The Autotrans Group is a Croatian company with a long tradition and experience and is one of the leaders in the bus transport in our country. The Group is listening on a daily basis the needs of modern passengers, developing its business continuously, and adapting it according to their requests. A little more than 3 years ago, the Autotrans Group was among the first bus carriers to offer its passengers the possibility to purchase tickets online at www.autotrans.hr. This was a message to its customers that the Group is following their desires and needs, and is continuing to do it. The best proof is the recent introduction of new functions in the online booking system.

With a continuous development of the booking system to a better user experience

“Since 2013, when we introduced the online sales, until today, the income from sales through the Internet is registering significant growth from year to year. We are sure that this growth trend will continue thanks to our continuous work on the improvement of the website and the development of the online booking system. Therefore, as an example, our passengers will have at their disposal both iOS and Android applications, and we are preparing also other projects in order to achieve an even better user experience“ – stated Igor Krmpotić, member of the Board of Directors of the Autotrans Group, and adds that the online ticketing was fully developed internally, of which the Autotrans Group is particularly proud of.

Even though the already existing booking system allowed a simple search and ticket purchase in just four steps, its newest version aims at even better user experience. The most interesting part, that will probably delight many passengers, is the fact that the ticket printing is being eliminated, so the online process is maximally simplified and adapted to a growing number of mobile users. You simply present the ticket on your mobile device to the driver upon entering the bus.

A novelty is also the possibility to purchase a return ticket with a fixed return, which means that it is not necessary to book subsequently the return ticket, but the seat reservation for both outward and inward journeys is performed at the time of purchase of the ticket, which was not possible before.  In addition, thanks to the improvements of the interface design, it is possible to find all relevant information about the departure and arrival times, the duration of the trip, the GPS coordinates of the departure and arrival stops, the travel route, the availability of seats, as well as regular and promotional fares in a short time and in a very simple way. All the aforementioned contributes to a better passenger awareness, more efficient ticket purchase, and will ultimately result in a better and more quality user experience, which is also the primary goal of the Autotrans Group.

Online purchase at www.autotrans.hr is the most convenient purchase
However, the online purchase at www.autotrans.hr brings a lot more to the users than just a quick and simple purchase process. It represents also a very concrete, financial saving since the tickets purchased online at www.autotrans.hr are at the same time our cheapest tickets on the market. The best proof is the first minute offer which is available exclusively through online sales channel and offers passengers to buy tickets with a discount of up to 50% for selected routes throughout Croatia and also abroad. In addition, in support of the online sales as the most convenient sales channel is the fact that such purchase gives an additional 5% discount even for first minute tickets.


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