The Autotrans group is one of the largest transportation systems in Croatia. The integral part of the group consists of Autotrans, APP Požega, Autoprijevoz Otočac, Autopromet Slunj and Velebit turist Gospić. The headquarters is located in Rijeka, and a wide network of branches extends along Istria, the Croatian Littoral, Gorski kotar, the Adriatic islands, Slavonia, Lika and Dalmatia.

The Autotrans group is also present on the international market through the Pan Alpen Adria Mannheim company, which was founded in Germany, with the aim of positioning the system on the EU market.

The group is a member of the international coach transport association Eurolines.

The parent company of the system, Autotrans, marked its seventieth anniversary of work and existence, a jubilee that rounded an important business period, in which a Rijeka transport company grew into a Croatian business system with more than 1000 employees.
From its beginnings to the present, the system’s coaches passed more than 1 billon and 32 million kilometres and transported over 376,5 million satisfied passengers.

The core business of the Autotrans group is to provide public transportation of passengers in road traffic through its extensive network of over 500 lines in inland and international traffic.
With its core business, public transportation of persons in road traffic, the Autotrans group also performs tourism services, trade services and vehicle repair.

The group now owns a modern fleet of 480 buses. The system ensures a high level of vehicle maintenance and continued investment in the technical means in accordance with the international standards in order to guarantee the safety criterion as one of the key business criteria.

The presence of the system on the European market and its membership in international associations and globalization processes, have encouraged the use of sustainable development practice and ecologically responsible behaviour.

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