How to reserve a seat on the bus? 

You can pre-book your seat:

When pre-booking a seat with an e-mail, be sure to include the following information: name and surname of the person traveling, date, time and place of departure, and travel route.

After that, the customer is required to buy a ticket and its reservation no later than 1 hour prior to departure for domestic routes and 6 hours for international routes. Otherwise, the customer loses the right to a booked seat.


If you would like to buy a ticket online, the seat reservation for the outward journey is automatically guaranteed at the time of ticket purchase, also for the outbound and inbound journey when buying a fixed return ticket. The fee in the amount of 5.00 HRK for domestic, and 10.00 HRK for international tickets will be calculated.

If you have purchased an open return ticket, you can purchase the reservation of the inbound journey on our website and the fee in the amount of 5.00 HRK for domestic, and 10.00 HRK for international tickets will be calculated.

Note: you can reserve your return journey online only if you have purchased your ticket on our website or at the ticket offices included in our information system (see the list).

How to buy a bus ticket? 

A ticket can be purchased in several ways:

  • online –by buying bus tickets via the Internet, you get an additional 5% discount - just use the timetable search engine on the top of the page.Upon completion of the transaction, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of purchase with your bus ticket and invoice. It is required to print the ticket and take it with you.
    The ticket can be purchased online at least 1 hour before departure on domestic bus lines (including departures to / from Trieste and Ljubljana), 6 hours before departure on international bus lines (for all departures FROM Croatia) or 24 hours on international bus lines (for all departures TO Croatia)
  • in person at one of ticket offices
  • in person, on the bus - just before departure

Other fees 

In order to provide greater transparency to our customers, we charge fees for other services separately not in calculated in ticket price.

Booking Fee

  • Online reservation for domestic fares has the cost of 5.00 HRK, and the online reservation for international fates the cost of 10.00 HRK.
  • Coach stations - prices varies depending on the categorization of each station. In general:
    Fees type Price - Domestic service Price - International service
    Reservation 3,00-6,00 kn 10,00-20,00 kn
    Seat hold 4,00-6,00 kn -


Booking Fee

When changing the date and time of departure, a new booking fee is charged.


Refunds are poossible no later than 2 hours prior to travel on domestic bus lines and 6 hours prior to travel on international bus lines.
Manipulative costs are 10%.