Spending your summer vacation in Zagreb and seeking for a quick refreshment in the nearest sea destination possible? We are taking you for a swimm to Crikvenica, Novi VinodolskiMalinska or Baška on the island of Krk, just two hours from Zagreb, for only 100,00 kn for a return ticket! Extra discounts are awaiting for you on the beach!

Crikvenica, Photo credit: TZG Crikvenica
Malinska, Photo credit X-Photographer via VisualHunt  CC BY-ND

Choose your desired destination, grab your swimming suit and sunglasses and travel with us!


  • Zagreb - Crikvenica - Novi Vinodolski 6:10 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Stations:  Sesvetska sela 6:10, Sesvete 6:15, Dubec 6:25, Dubrava 6:35, Borongaj 6:45, Lisinski dvorana 7:00, Novi Zagreb - zgrada INE 7:05, Savski Gaj 7:10

  • Zagreb - Crikvenica - Novi Vinodolski 7:10 (daily)

Stations:  Sesvetska sela 7:10, Sesvete 7:15, Dubec 7:25, Dubrava 7:35, Borongaj 7:45, Lisinski dvorana 8:05, Novi Zagreb - zgrada INE 8:10, Savski Gaj 8:15

  • Zagreb - Malinska - Baška 7:10 (daily from 01/07)

Stations:  Sesvetska sela 7:10, Sesvete 7:15, Dubec 7:25, Dubrava 7:35, Borongaj 7:45, Lisinski dvorana 8:05, Novi Zagreb - zgrada INE 8:10, Savski Gaj 8:15


  • Novi Vinodolski - Crikvenica - Zagreb 18:00 (daily)

Stations: Novi Vinodolski 18:00, Crikvenica 18:15

  • Novi Vinodolski - Crikvenica - Zagreb 18:30 (daily from 26/06)

Stations: Novi Vinodolski 18:30, Crikvenica 18:50

  • Baška - Malinska - Zagreb 17:15 (daily)

Stations: Baška 17:15, Malinska 18:10

For the return journeys buses leave from bus stations Crikvenica, Novi Vinodolski, Malinska and Baška.

Special offer Day trips to the beach is valid only for mentioned departures from June 20th to August 31st.

How to book your seat on the bus?

Book your seat on a bus for Crikvenica, Novi Vinodolski, Malinska or Baška by the phone,at number +385(0)51/660-660 or fill out the form on this page and buy your ticket on the bus. You can reserve a seat by 20:00h for the next day departure. When booking by phone or online you also get a seat for the return on the same day, on the following departures:

- from Novi Vinodolski: if departing from Zagreb at 6:10 return is at 18:00, if departing at 7:10 return is at 18:30

- from Crikvenica: if departing from Zagreb at 6:10 return is at 18:15, if departing at 7:10 return is at 18:50

- Baška: departure at 7:10, return at 17:15

- Malinska: departure at 7:10, return at 18:10

In a case of a bad weather there is always a possibility of returning to Zagreb with an earlier bus.

If you would like to return to Zagreb with one of the earlier Autotrans bus you can buy a reservation for your desired return on the bus station in Crikvenica, Novi Vinodolski, Malinska or Baška. In this case a new seat reservation has to be paid (5,00 kn) and note that regular bus lines only stop at main bus station Zagreb.

Special offer:

To make your beach getaway perfect we have prepared a few special discounts for diferent activities in Crikvenica and Malinska. Travel with Autotrans and get a discount up to 20% on food and drinks in the most attractive restaurants Sabbia and Galiot, ride with the semi-submarine Peppy and jet ski or try water skiing or parasailing. Show your Autotrans bus ticket in the restaurants or when booking sports activities and enjoy great discounts!

Explore the sea underworld with the SemiSubmarineMalinska and receive discount of 20% with Autotrans bus ticket!

Why travel with us?

free wi-fi

modernly equipped, air-conditioned bus

outlets for charging electrical devices (subject to availability)

more legroom

best value

daily departures