Tickets can be purchased at, at our official ticket offices and on our buses.

Autotrans Group is the leading scheduled bus service operator in Croatia, connecting 1000s of destinations across the country and abroad. On our website you can find information about timetables and prices of all carriers in the Group, as well as service information about bus stations in Croatia, our ticket offices, bus stops and conditions of carriage.

By purchasing tickets at you are getting the best prices available on the market with an additional online discount of 5%. Special online offers are also availbale only for online buyers. More info you can find under our Special Offer section on our site or on our social media.

No. Registration is not required and purchase can be done in four easy steps.

Tickets can be paid with American Express, Mastercard, Maestro or Visa credit/debit card.


No, it does not. Passenger can use his/her or someone else’s card to buy a ticket. In „Passenger’s data“ step of the booking, the name of the passenger has to be entered.

Safety of our customers is our top priority, both in transport and in online ticket purchasing. Therefore our website is protected with SSL (Secure Socket Layers) certificate which protects information about our users.

Autotrans offers different types of discount depending on the passenger category. If you buy your ticket online, you will get the best price with extra online discount of 5%. Special benefits  available only for online buyers are another advantage of purchasing bus tickets online. Offers are published on our website under “Special offers” section and on our social media.


Children discount depends on preferred route. Usual discounts are 80% for children under the age of 3 and 50% for children from 4 to 12 years old. In booking process, prices with children discounts will be displayed under “ticket type” on chosen departure. More information about children traveling read in General conditions of carriage. When buying children ticket, children are entitled to their seat on bus.

Designed for all users, a-Card allows an additional 5% discount on standard Autotrans fares.

With a-Card you save on App Požega and Autoprijevoz Otočac fares too. The discounts depend on the conditions of each carrier.

Documents required for making an a-card: photo of 2.5 x 3 cm.
Issuing of a-Card is free of charge.

First minute prices are part of online offer for fastest buyers where tickets on chosen departures can be discounted up to 50%. How to find First minute prices? During booking process in step „Choose your journey “ you will see “First minute” column next to “Standard price” column meaning First minute tickets are available on that departure. You can select “First minute” price and add ticket to your shopping cart. More information about this promotion can be found in First minute offer.

All information and news about Autotrans Group, prices, bus lines and special offers can be found at To stay up to date with all the news follow us on social media Facebook Autotrans Croatia i Twitter Autotrans Croatia.

When buying a return ticket with the fixed date you are choosing right away your outbound and inbound journey date and time. When buying an open return ticket, date and time of your return journey has to be reserved afterwards at Return journey reservation page.


On national bus lines, the return journey has to be used within 90 days of the outbound journey. Exception are routes shorter than 40 kilometers with term of 3 days. On international bus lines period of validity depends on each route, most common one is 180 days.

Unfortunately, group tickets can not be issued, but if more people want to travel with the same bus, please contact our Info center to check the availability of the preferred departure.

Yes, seating on the coach must be pre-booked.


Customers can book coach seats the following ways:

Passengers must pay for tickets:
National Lines: At least 1 hour prior to coach departure time
International Lines: At least 6 hours prior to coach departure time

Otherwise, the customer loses the right to reserved seat.

Passengers without reservation can board the bus only in case there are seats available (unsold seats) on the bus, after all the passengers with reservation entered the bus.

If you would like to buy a ticket online, the seat reservation for the outbound journey is automatically guaranteed at the time of ticket purchase when buying one-way ticket and for outbound and inbound journey when buying return ticket with fixed date. The fee in amount of 5.00 HRK for national and 10.00 HRK for international tickets will be calculated on each journey.

If you have purchased an open return ticket, you have to purchase the reservation of the return journey later. You can do it on our website and the fee in amount of 5.00 HRK for national or 10.00 HRK for international tickets will be calculated.

Our most favorable tickets are selling fast so you better hurry and buy your ticket as soon as possible. Tickets can be bought up to 1 hour prior departure for national lines (+Trieste, Ljubljana), 6 hours before departure for international lines from Croatia and 24 hours before departure for international lines to Croatia.

Online tickets do not have to be printed, they can be presented to the driver on your cell phone or tablet. Exception are tickets on lines operated by more than one carrier, which have to be printed and presented at boarding (tickets with “Koop” label and tickets with Antonio Tours carrier, except koop Autotrans/Panturist tickets). If the ticket must be printed it will be clearly indicated in your booking.

If you did not download your ticket from our web site and didn't receive it on your e-mail address, you can retrieve your ticket on the page "Retrieve tickets and invoices". Be sure to check filter for junk mail (spam) of the e-mail address you used.

Yes, it is possible to change the date and time of the ticket (except e-tickets) in one of the ticket offices, 2 hours prior to departure on national bus lines, and 6 hours prior to departure on international bus lines. In this case, the passenger is required to pay the new reservation and the bus service cost.

Online, only amendments of the inbound journey of the open return tickets are possible: 2 hours prior to departure on domestic bus lines, 6 hours prior departure on international bus lines from Croatia, and 24 hours prior departure on international bus lines to Croatia. Change of the reservation will incur a new reservation fee.

Here you can find more information about ticket amendments.

Normally passengers travel with the carrier for whom the ticket was purchased. Autotrans does have some interlining agreements in place with other carriers. Further information is available at any of our ticket offices.

Yes. Passengers are required to keep their tickets during the entire journey and show them at the request of an authorized employee of Autotrans.



We regret to advise that we do not offer refunds for lost tickets. In such instances, customers will be required to purchase a new ticket to travel.


If a coach traveler was found with an incorrect, invalid or without ticket, the full price of the ticket for the journey will be applied plus a 50.00 HRK penalty fine.

Passengers who want to cancel their coach journey are entitled to do so on:

National Lines: At least 2 hours prior to travel 
International Lines: At least 6 hours prior to travel 
Providing that the above requirements are adhered to, Autotrans will refund the money paid for the ticket less 10% for administration charges. Passenger is not entitled to a refund for the booking fee and city bus tickets (cvikalica). The passenger who decided not to travel, later than mentioned deadlines or after bus departure is not entitled to a refund of money paid for the ticket.

Passengers are entitled to a refund for the unused part of a return ticket on the provison that the return travel date has not passed. In such cases, Autotrans will refund the difference of the amount paid for a return ticket and the cost of a one-way ticket less 10% for administration charges. 

For tickets purchased online, it is necessary to fill a form request for the refund and send it by e-mail to: [email protected]. Refunds shall be paid only to the credit card with which the ticket was purchased. If the ticket is bought at one of the following Autotrans ticket offices: Rijeka, Crikvenica, Novi Vinodolski, Ogulin, Gospić, Zadar, Rab, Krk, Cres, Veli Lošinj, Labin, Pula, Rovinj, Poreč and Pazin, a refund can be made at any of these offices.

If the ticket was purchased at the office not specified above, the refund can be made only at the office where the ticket was bought.

Here you can find more information about refunds

On the webpage Stop finder you can locate all stops our bus lines visit. Enter your destination in search bar and bus stop in your desired destination will be shown on the map.

When traveling abroad with our international lines it is necessary to have a valid identification document according to legal regulations (ID card, passport).

Each passenger can bring along up to 2 pieces of luggage, for which the fee is paid according to valid price list. If the bus has sufficient load carrying capacity, the driving staff will work hard to meet your needs.

Hand luggage is free, providing that is stored in overhead rack or under seat.

It is possible to take a bicycle on board if there is sufficient load carrying capacity, what has to be checked at boarding. Fee for transport of bicycle is paid according to valid price list.

From June 2016, on the island of Brač, buses are equipped with bicycle racks and transport of bicycles is free on all bus lines across Brač.

Of the animals admitted may be only specially trained guide dogs accompanying blind persons as passengers.

Network name: name of the network always contains word “Autotrans“ plus four-digit number, e.g. Autotrans_1111

Password: autotrans