We can take you ... everywhere you want.

Autotrans connects hundreds of destinations across Croatia, the region and Europe.
The dense network of bus lines connects many Croatian towns, whilst larger Croatian centers are well connected with numerous European cities.
Autotrans, as a member of the International Association of Carriers Eurolines, can offer wide opportunities to travel on the network of international bus lines across Europe.

Use the Journes Planner on the top od this page and see where we travel!

Bus travel can really be fast and provide a safe and enjoyable journey.

The safety of our passengers is our top priority. Regular investment in a modern bus fleet (480 buses) and continuous quality improvement in the line with international standards and guarantees is primarily aimed for safety, but also for the comfort travelling with Autotrans.
Recent studies show that travelling by bus is high on the list of safe means of transport; and that is even 7 times safer to travel by bus then by car!

Use your trip to rest: browse the Internet, we have a socket for your computer and free Wi-Fi (subject to availability), enjoy the music - if you do not have the same taste in music as our drivers, we recommend you to be your own DJ - with headphones and your own music, and then every trip will seem to be shorter. On the other hand, you can simply enjoy the scenery. Then, in a nod - there is something special about those comfortable seats and somnolent effect of pleasant journey.

Our modern buses are air-conditioned, have headrests, more space between seats (even tall ones can comfortably stretch their legs), and more room for hand baggage.

Let us drive, and you will arrive at your destination rested.

Organizing a travel with Autotrans is quick and easy.

On our website you can search for your travel options, view timetables, find out the prices and purchase tickets online.
You can find all the necessary information online, but you can always contact us for additional questions and you will get our answers in short term.

With the price of our bus tickets even passengers’ wallets are satisfied.

On our service we offer discounts for youth under 26, people over 60, children, etc.

On chosen routes First minute tickets are available for the fastest buyers, with prices up to 50% lower than regular price on the route.

With online purchase you save time and money: not only that by buying tickets online you can avoid the crowds and unnecessary waiting at counters, you also get an additional 5% discount!

We are Green Travel carrier because we love and respect nature.

Bus travel is the most environmentally friendly form of public transport. When traveling by bus instead of by car, you are significantly contributing to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.
For example, traveling with Autotrans instead of by plane or by car, you can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 80%.
Each bus emits about 20 gr CO2 per passenger, per kilometer -based on the bus occupancy of 38 passengers.

This clearly shows that by choosing the bus for traveling and selecting the carrier that is environmentally responsible, travelers can certainly affect the environment.